Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Keep Out

I think we get the message.

This bit of fenced off waste ground near where I live is owned by a local building and development business. It's currently being used as a storage ground while the builder finishes the controversial block of student accommodation by the river. The students should have moved in over the weekend but the project is behind schedule. I think they'll start to arrive this week. Doubtless this fairly large bit of land will be developed in the future. It's been empty for years but I guess these companies can bide their time. I've added an extra of the same blip in colour so you can see the rust in all its glory.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday.

Must admit to a bit of Blip ennui at the moment. Feel I haven't got any terribly interesting photographs to share. I think we all get like that sometimes.

Off to meet a friend and former colleague for lunch today and then over to collect the four year old from nursery. She'll be staying here tonight so ennui will be off the agenda then.

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