Day at a Time

By Tweedy


Earlier in the year Jess and Fergus had a litter of 12 piglets. They are Gloucester Old Spot/Tamworth cross. Here is one of the piglets. Jess is now in a separate pen having done all the hard work of looking after such a big litter. We saw the piglets when we were on a tractor ride at the farm this morning. They don't have names as they'll be leaving Briarlands for new homes (not a euphemism; they're not destined to be sausages) and when they go they'll get their name.

This morning the four year old and I had a profound conversation. I was serving the porridge into bowls. Said she, "Those bowls are the same. We've got the same bowl. But we're not the same person. We've got different names".

After seeing the piglets we picked strawberries. So late in the season and still a decent crop. We picked two punnets. Delicious.

Now we're home and the four year old is building a tower of the fencing offcuts. It's something she needs to do for nursery. When she goes home I'll get ready for yoga which I keep missing.

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