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More Signs of Autumn

We went to Cambridge today to collect my husband’s replacement contact lens. Then we went into town to buy a few odds and ends. I bought next years Filofax pages and I already have two hospital appointments written in it! We had a snack in Waterstones bookshop before coming home.
Once we arrived at Cambridge railway station it was clear that the train we wanted was delayed, as were some others going our way. A broken rail at Roydon was the cause of the problem. We decided to catch the 1411 hours Stansted Express to Audley End and depending on when the next “stopping” train would arrive, either catch it or get a taxi. We missed the local bus by two minutes, they are one an hour! The staff at the station were unsure about which of the two trains due shortly would be stopping, so in the end we got a taxi; we were home by 1500 hours. The next stopping train arrived at our station at 1543 hours; there were none earlier so I am pleased that we got a taxi. My husband does not believe in using taxis, something ingrained in him from his past. However, I think he was pleased to get home sooner rather than later.
Today’s picture is another sign of Autumn, some blackberries in the garden. Not enough to make ore jam, but that which I made yesterday is delicious; I tried both with bread and butter for my tea last night.
It was warmer today than yesterday with the temperature at GMT noon seventeen degrees Celsius.

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