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An Afternoon of Sewing on Buttons

I went to JustGym for my one-to-one session with Michael this morning; the last session for a while due to my surgery planned for Friday. I had not been home long when the landline rang and it was the Cataract Clinic; I thought they were going to cancel. I was not sure whether to be pleased or not, but they were ringing to confirm that I was going to attend on Friday. I had to answer some questions, but it looks like it will go ahead.
Today’s picture is some finished garments that were knitted a while ago. This afternoon I have been finishing them off and sewing on buttons. I should finish each one at the time of knitting, but like many knitters, I prefer knitting to sewing in ends and putting the things together. I also have some adult hats and fingerless mittens to complete as well as two Levi Lovies, which I will do another day.
The main picture is of all of the garments and I have included as extras each set. The romper, with a hat and cardigan has been made from a pattern, which Annieone gave me; I have also made a hat and cardigan to go with it. It has been knitted with King Cole Cherish in café and crème. I love this yarn, but for expensive yarn there are a lot of knots in it.  
It was even warmer today than yesterday with the temperature at GMT noon nineteen degrees Celsius; it was also windy and overcast at times.

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