Pretty ordinary day.

I did my interval training today as the Clot will be muddy after all the rain we will be getting soon and it will be out of reach from our side. We always get a huge puddle on the narrow path that goes there and it will take weeks to dry.

Anyway. After that I did some sewing. There's still some left un-sewn from the summer weeks, so I've been putting those together a bit.

The clouds were gathering as we finally managed to go down to the beach for a swim. It was lightning over Benidorm and Finestrat. So I just run into the water as fast as I could. While in the water the wind changed and suddenly it was splashing on my face. The sand started to move in the air and people were quickly packing their things and getting ready to leave. The landscape was fabulous.

This evening we might get some showers or even some thunder and tomorrow will be pretty much the same with some sunny hours too. But Starting from tomorrow midnight we should get more or less constant rain for two days. Some hours might be very heavy rain and some hours more normal. Funny thing is that we also have a possibility of a medicane (Mediterranean hurricane) which makes this storm very interesting. I feel like a storm chaser!

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