A day before the storm.

It did rain in the morning. Luckily we managed to take the dogs for a walk before that. But I had to wait couple of hours for the rain to stop to have my own walk. The clouds were murky and all around but I did not get soaked.

Also the afternoon walk we managed with dry paws. With the wind we have the asphalt was dry too.

The evening walk ended to some drops but our timing was pretty terrific. The shot is from the evening walk. What an amazing cloud formation. That's the one that started to get us wet...

Anyway the next two days the dogs likely need to go in our own yard. It's gonna be flooding out there. They put us under red alert again. The schools are closed tomorrow as well the parks and community sports halls. And that is all over Murcia and Alicante region. Most towns have said the same will apply on Friday too. They have asked people not to drive anywhere and if you need to drive stay on the main roads. They are asking us to listen to authorities in case there needs to be evacuations. In some areas there might need to be. There are specific flooding zones that get flooded easily in heavy rain. Luckily we are not on one of those.

I have made 2 "bunkers" for Buddha. One upstairs and another one downstairs. he'll need those when it starts to thunder. It's gonna be horrible 2 days for him.

I have put everything in order outside. We have enough food and drink so we don't need to drive anywhere for the following days.

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