By HeidiHH

New reality day 44

THE thingies!

This morning we finally got the delivery for the sliding door thingies. Unfortunately not everything came. There was a back order. So, my husband made some calls, and we drove to Lahti to a tractor(!) spare part selling place and got the missing parts.

Then we spent some time trying to find sturdy screws and that turned out to be quite difficult. Found some. Came home and started to work and run out of the screws.

Long story short, we got the sliding doors up for both walls. One is in the lounge and other in the living room (in picture). The idea is that the one sliding door can be against the wall of covering either doorway. Same for both walls. 1 door, 2 doorways. 2 walls with this system.

I might paint the metallic to dark grey. I'll sleep over it. Right now I think it would look better. It's not as visible as I wanted the system to be. My in-laws came by today and my FIL asked if we hadn't found more petite system. But I wanted this to be something that will catch the eye. So I'm pretty sure there's some more painting for me left.

All and all, I'm really happy with the system.

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