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By walkingMarj

Fast asleep?

If you look closely you will see that Oscar is still watching the world, but through almost closed eyes. He is much more relaxed than previously, but still very wary. He does love this settee in Mum's lounge and the lovely cushions.

It's been a full-on day.

Mum had chest pains in the night and called me at about 0500. We drank tea and I gave her painkillers until the symptoms improved. We both went back to sleep.

I then worked flat out on a document for the walking festival committee this afternoon. I had to go to Newcastle at the end of the morning to see the orthopaedic surgeon. He was pleased with Arth's progress this time - no more mention of glacial changes - and says he does not think I will need the second operation. There is still a way to go, so room for more progress. I go back in 6 months and I'm delighted.

Home, via Morrisons, just in time to heat soup for Mum and then welcome the committee. There was a lot to do. We need to make sure the autumn festival happens as planned and that the Spring Festival is more or less ready to publicise. I'm looking forward to next year when there will be no autumn festival and everyone can relax in the summer.

A new air mattress arrived for Mum's bed today. It is plugged in and makes odd noises at random intervals. We hope it will be more comfortable than the previous one. At the moment if looks like a set of ridges and furrows................

I need to follow Oscar's example, but to fully close my eyes, asap!

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