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By walkingMarj

After the rain

It rained heavily this morning. Daisy went straight out, but Oscar had a small breakfast and then settled on a chair in the conservatory. Sensible boy, but we worried in case he was ill!

After the rain, I popped to the village shop. This clematis is outside Brian and Margaret's house (across the road). I love the seed heads.

After lunch I fell asleep. I could not stay awake and was out for the count for a couple of hours. That scuppered my plans for this afternoon. I had managed to print the prints for the photo group in a couple of weeks time. The printer played up. I had to replace two cartridges and clean the print rollers to make it behave.

Tonight was the main event. It was the first meeting this season of the Tynedale Photo Group. We were very noisy as we met up after a few weeks gap. What a lovely group of people to be part of.

The speaker was Roger Coulam, a professional photographer from Sunderland. He began with the work that made him famous: chasing extreme storms in the USA. Then we saw photograms and gelatin prints along with images produced on his scanner.
He moved to a political piece with images taken at Sunderland Air Show. The forces always have a big presence and  young children were seen enjoying trying out the guns. Chilling. 

So much to think about.

We saw work from collecting all sorts of items at Blast Beach on the Durham coastline. (I nearly took a job in general practice in Murton, not far away.) Finally the items collected were from a short stretch of Blue Flag beach at Sunderland. Roger has arranged these in colour coded and attractive ways, but the contents are shocking. (He has also had a needlestick injury recently on that beach.)

So much to think about after this evening.

"Photograph where you are," he said. My clematis fits the bill...........

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