By seizetheday

Berwick Old Town

In to Berwick first thing, as MrM and I each had an appointment for a dental check up. No further appointments required but, even so, I left with a much lighter purse!

Then a much-needed coffee (and Sicilian lemon-meringue cake for MrM, who assured me that it won't affect his diet...), before heading to Spittal to pick up a couple of guitars for repair from Karl and Amanda. Some great views over Berwick from the end of their road (Berwick Old Town in the main Blip; the three Berwick Bridges, and Berwick pier as extras).

Finally, to the retail park and to the outdoor shop to buy some bits and pieces for the coming weekend, before going back to the flat for a late lunch. Glad of a relaxing yoga session this afternoon!

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