By ZE1Christie

Hughie Underwater

A windy day, and dull morning first thing.  The skies cleared before noon, and a sunny afternoon and evening.  Clouded over tonight. 

Another day working on the museum desk.  There was 50 Norwegians queuing at the front door before we opened, and the day remained busy.  There was a cruise ship in Lerwick today.   A few hours to myself this evening, and some walkies with Sammy.  Off to work in the pub later. 

A fine relaxing lunch break away from the museum, and had my lunch with Hughie.  Hughie seems to be turning into a local celebrity.  He's a massive grey seal, extremely curious, turning friendly towards humans, mainly looking for food.  Next time I'm down at the pier, I'll have to take some tasty fish to get a better photo.  I jamp down onto the beach, and he got scared, so he stayed under the water after that.  Taken at Aithsvoe pier, Cunningsburgh. 

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