Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Not a Monarch

I was watching a group of migrant monarchs fluttering around the garden late this afternoon when I noticed that one of them wasn't a Monarch, but rather a Viceroy.  Viceroy's are actually closely related to Admirals in the subfamily family Limenitidinae.  And although it looks similar to the Monarch, it can be distinquished by the line that runs parallel to the edge of it's hindwing.  Being a Monarch-lookalike is thought to protect if from predators who avoid the toxins monarchs carry from the milkweed.  In this case, someone obviously took a nibble, although the butterfly wasn't showing any signs of being bothered by the missing wing part.

Hubs and I spent some time at the new nursing home this morning trying to sort out some things that weren't going as we though they should.  The staff was quite helpful and hopefully we'll get everything sorted over the next few weeks.  MIL is very verbal so it's easy even for the staff there to think that she is able to make decisions and choices, which she can't because of the dementia.  So, it's a learning curve.  We'll get there.

I'm rushing to get my blip done as it's almost time to pack up the laptop and head to my speaking gig which is about an hour away.  Ran through the entire thing this afternoon and feeling good about it.

Released FIVE monarchs today - one more than I expected.  And it looks like several more will go tomorrow.  Requests for dedications accepted - just message me below. One today went for the someone here on Blip; the remaining went for the victims of 9-11.   

Sept 11.  A day that I will never forget.  I hope that this world never sees another day like that one.


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