Danby Rigg this morning

This morning was my last chance to complete the Danby Rigg walk, it’s not very long and at one time I would have done it each morning before breakfast.  I haven’t felt quite so energetic this week, but I did go out before breakfast this morning.  Apart from the sheep and an occasional Meadow Pipit (or two/three), the grouse were my only companions until I got talking to a couple who were heading, via the footpath I’d just come down to the Cycle Hub for lunch - they’d struggled on their initial route choice because of the bracken.  

The good/bad news of my walk was that the National Parks people have filled in the very deep ruts made by motorcyclists on the lowest part of the track and replaced the gate onto the moor.  The good news is that I can now walk down it without risking breaking my leg (I wonder if someone actually did) the bad news is that motorbike access is now so much improved.

We’ve done quite a lot to day - visited Castleton Church very briefly for Ann to pursue the research she is doing.  I found fungi to photograph.  Had lunch in the cafe and whiled away an hour or so in conversation with an older couple who had farmed near Leeds and now live near Hinderwell before walking along the Castleton, Danby Park track - lots of mature Silver Birch.  More photos and some multi-exposure where I discovered the limitations of my Olympus camera, i.e. once you select multi-exposure you can’t change settings, so I couldn't position a sharp photo over an ICM image when working on a double exposure.  Perhaps it’s back to photoshop.

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