Had an appointment at the hairdressers in Gateshead this afternoon.  I had half a head of highlights ( 2 colours,)  cut and blow dry. I  went for the same style as usual but chose a different colour combination. Will try and add an Extra from my phone later.

Did a bit of shopping in Iceland before coming home.  It had been a dry day but around 5pm it started rainy heavily and its been a wet evening. I'm glad to be all cosy indoors with the heating on.

The Abstract Thursday theme today is " shape ".  So I decided to blip the differently shaped vegetables I was cooking for my tea.  A carrot, sprouts, mushrooms, a courgette, runner beans, a pointed red pepper  and broccolli.  I did some processing in Picasa.  Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.

Musical link VEGETABLES - by The Beach Boys.  Very surprised to find this track - never heard of it before.

Steps today - 6,221

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