Morrisons this morning.  Really enjoyed doing the " big shop " in person instead of online.

This afternoon I went to The Sage, Gateshead to see a performance of  " The Great  Joe Wilson ".  It told the life story of Joe " The Bard of Tyneside " Wilson who was a local songwriter in Victorian times.  His most famous song is " Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny". This is the first verse and chorus.......

Wor Geordie and Bob Johnson both lay in bed one night
In a little boardin' hoos that's doon the shore,
But before they'd been an hour asleep a kick from Geordie's foot
Made Bob wakin' up and roar instead of snore
Keep your feet still Geordie hinny let's be happy through the neet
For we may not be sae happy through the day
Oh give us that bit comfort, keep your feet still Geordie lad,
And divn't drive me bonny dreams away

Of course the audience all sang along with the chorus.  The performance was great fun and I enjoyed it.  The show began at 3pm and was scheduled to finish at 4.30pm but it actually finished at 5.20pm. After coming out of The Sage I walked into Gateshead to catch my bus home.

The Wide Wednesday theme is " Open " or " Opened " but I couldn't find anything suitable.  Nearest I came up with is " Opening ". My shot was taken through an opening between a wall near St Mary's Heritage Centre and the bottom of the Tyne Bridge.  The view through the gap shows the High Level Bridge and The Swing Bridge. Thanks to Steveng for hosting.

Steps today - 9,015

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