By flavia13


Busy day today over at Mum's in Morecambe.

Had to take Mum to see the Physiotherapist this afternoon so Hubby and I went over this morning to spend the day.  Hubby did a great job in tidying up Mum's back garden.

I then took Mum to the Physio.  Thank goodness we said we would take her because her appointment was meant to have been at her surgery, which only takes her 10 minutes to walk but she got an email to cancel that due to flooding!!!!!  Instead she had to go to Heysham for the same appointment.  That is great when you go by car, only 10 minutes drive, but if we hadn't gone she would have had to get two busses - not great for an 88 year old, especially as she would have had to wait at The Battery area of Morecambe for lord knows how long for the second bus and then have to hang around at the surgery waiting to reverse the process.  

I really don't think it was flooded at all but can't prove it.  Ah well most important thing is she's been.  She's been given exercises to do, which are quite easy for her to follow and will hopefully help.

On the way home we had to stop off at Carnforth Recycling centre to get rid of garden waste so I pulled into the layby at Milnthorpe by the Dallam Estate along the River Bela to get the above shot.   Trouble is I couldn't get the dear to look up at me as they were too keen on sunbathing or munching!!!

There was also a swan by the river, closer to me - see extra - wasn't sure which would make the best photo???


It's been a lovely day weatherwise so it was a pleasant drive in and home.

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