Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Moonbathing at Redhead

I thought seeing I was back in Newie I would try for the moonrise at Redhead seeing as it was rising just on sunset.  There were quite a few togs out all standing in the way so I was lucky to get this one without someone in it.  Well except for the girls moonbathing of course. 

Other than that it was a visit at the Nursing home for Poppy and me.  I left Hamish in Sydney and am quite surprised how she has gone looking for him in the house and seems genuinely upset he is not here.  A lesson learned.

She had a walk at Redhead on the dog part of the beach and was bullied (pinned down and going for the neck - but he didn't bite her) by a Staffie with an idiot male owner who thought it was ok to stand back and just call the dog rather than do anything about it.  Stupid and thoughtless dog owners really really really annoy me.  I am thinking of getting a taser - I would do the dog first and then the owner ....  Sorry for the rant.

A bit of retail therapy before that and afterwards a visit to my aunt who is still in hospiddle and waiting for a bed in the rehab unit.  I will see her again tomorrow after doing some chores for her.

I hope you are all having a good weekend. 

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