Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


This morning I rather rashly went to the Romsey Show,  I don't think I'll  go again.  As one guy wearing an official looking label said to me when I asked where the sheep were, "This show's not what it used to be!"  You walk miles, the animal classes are slightly perfunctory and there's far too much tat.  Much prefer the New Forest Show, which really is for country people.

Anyway, I saw an interesting-looking roped off area and asked an official if I could go in.  'Just let me stamp your hand for the day, he said, smudging ink on it, and I found myself in the back-stage area - quite wrongly!  Perhaps he thought I was press (must be the big badge I was wearing)

Seriously though, that part was fun.  A pair of these magnificent Suffolk Punches were tied up to a very red horsebox.  One was being harnessed for the 'Ladies Driving Class' and this one was getting left out and fed up.  What you might call peppery.  I thought the fact that he was choosing to chew his chain instead of his hay definitely qualified him for Admirer's SillySaturday challenge.

Thanks so much for hosting, Admirer, you're a star!

In Extras is a portrait of one of the cow girls cattle ladies.

I have turned my comments off for tonight, at least, because having 10 days ago got over a stomach bug of supreme nastiness, I have now landed a throat so gritty it's almost impossible to swallow anything but gin icecream.  Am I moaning?  Yes, I know.  Sorry!

Still, the really good news is that OG is finally home from hospital and I have spoken to him.  Hooray!

Thank you all for your kind comments, stars and hearts on yesterday's.  Have a fab Saturday/night  xx

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