Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Gone fishing

Today I took the train to Lymington, fishing for more shots for my Lymington mini-project.  I had originally meant this source of blips to stretch through September and October, but suddenly got cold feet about how much freedom is going to be taken away from us this autumn by Covid.  Anyway, what else would you do on a day as glorious as this one but go to the seaside?

Having got the early train, I walked out along the sea wall and spent ages with this Little Egret.  They are fascinating to watch fishing.  To start with she was stirring up the bottom with one foot, using a distinctive circular motion.  Then she started dancing around.  I'm not sure what signals this gave to her prey, but you can see what I mean in Extras.  All 5 shots were taken within a minute of eachother (the main is the last of these) and I have other sequences as well.  Then I continued on past the salterns and came round to the town again by a back lane. 

And on Wednesday I shall go once more, and hopefully meet up with blipper Ann for a coffee at Brockenhurst where you have to change trains.  After which I expect to be confined to a darkened room for a couple of days  ;))  Madness!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday  xx

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