By Kipsie

The Rhinoceros

The Rhino is a homely beast,
For human eyes he's not a feast,
But you & I will never know
Why nature chose to make him so.
Farewell, farewell, you old rhinoceros 
I'll stare at something less prepoceros.

by Ogden Nash.

There was an inquisitive Boxer dog looking out of the window of the office next door, but the rhino caught my eye first. Paignton Zoo's Great Big Rhino Project took place during 10weeks of 2016, in the English Riviera, & Exeter, highlighting the significant conservation threat facing wild rhinos. After which time I believe the rhinos were auctioned off.  

While on the subject of animals,  a Dalmation called d'Artagnan lives just along the road from Ella the Wonderdog.  d'Artagnan???How do I know, well I had to go around and check on Ella today as her mum has gone to Hyde Park, London. She is one of many choir members that are going to pop up in the middle of the huge crowd this evening and start singing. I can't remember what she called it but I've got the Last Night on the Beeb as I type, just in case I spot her. Ella was fast asleep and snoring so I did'nt disturb her. Ray the next door neighbour has been checking on her since Nicky left this morning.

Earlier today ... a lovely sunny start, grabbed a coffee read another chapter of Slap, my new read, Milly crept upstairs, I told her to go back down but I could hear her fast asleep at the top of the stairs out of my sight. Rascal! Breakfast for us both then off on our adventure, a new walk in search of huge hazelnuts, or are they cobnuts, or possibly filberts, whatever I'm taking my rucksack. It sounded quite straight forward when Nicky gave me directions but I think "we" mixed up our left & right, as we did an unnecessary loop, a pleasurable walk, but rolling Devon landscape .... & breathe. Well worth the walk, a rucksack full, plus a doggy poo bag, So versatile those bags. :) Oh, & Millie found a ball, so that was carried all the way too. We stopped for a very well deserved ice cream when we reached Cockington Court information centre. Lots of visitors enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Husked the nuts while eating my sandwich in the sunshine, that took nearly an hour. Walked around to check on Ella before heading across to Babbacombe Downs in the car. An event called Last Team Standing is taking place on Oddicombe beach. Teams of 10 make a sandcastle on an allocated section of the beach at low tide, the team/castle that remains the longest as the tide comes in takes the prize. I'm glad I checked from the Downs as there was nothing going on down on the beach below. Nipped into Tesco Express to grab some veggies for dinner tomorrow night then drove back to base. I nearly went via the famous Hanbury's famous fish & chip shop but managed to suppress the craving. :) I've got another week yet. They are good.


For Millie, a beaker of dry food + 1/2 beaker of water

For me, same as last night, + a custard tart & double cream.

Thanks to admirer for hosting

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