While on my runs

By waipushrink

Attention seeker

Today saw the start of up to three months of noise and inconvenience. Because of very shoddy work when the apartment building was completed (16 years ago), one of the glass panels in the balustrade around the deck of another apartment blew out in high winds. That has resulted in investigations showing the shoddy work has meant that many, if not most, of the iron into concrete to support the balustrades is rusting badly. There is therefore a risk that in similarly (extreme and uncommon) high wind, another panel could fall. All the balustrades have to be replaced. At exorbitant cost.

The decks have had to be cleared, and so today two men with a truck collected all the pots off our deck and relocated them at daughter C's home in Swanson. The sight of an empty deck is odd.

The contractors want to lock the doors from the apartments to the decks, also for health and safety reasons. It is treating us like children. Worse, it will mean that we cannot cool our apartment as there are no other windows. We have offered to pay for a barrier a metre out from the doors. We will have to wait and see.

A late afternoon walk on my last day of leave, through the Arch Hill Reserve to Western Springs Lake and back. The one black feather is intriguing.

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