By ArcLight

Emergency EB territory

Taken first thing in the morning, but as an EB insurance, as I reckoned things might get a bit busy later. They did.

I terminated the actually writing/composition at about 6pm when I reckoned I had as much of a conclusion as I could manage at this stage. More will come later as I gain a bit of distance from the manuscript and get feedback from colleagues (I hope it won't be along the lines of "why did you bother?" - the infamous academic "#reviewer2" (try searching on twitter for it)). After that, it was editing and sorting references to a level that I was sufficiently happy with for submission (not perfect). Then compilation in a single file. And then away it went across the ether to Bristol, just before midnight. I was too tired to be elated. That will come later in the week.

And hopefully the standard of photographs will improve.

This wee succulent was gifted to us earlier in the summer, and it's doing very well next to the oxalis. I think it is going to need potting on, and if I do that it might go wild. I wonder if I will find time this autumn for a bit of houseplant sorting out?

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