Walking Wombat

By WWombat

Doug’s Spring Onions

I’m sure I’ve talked about Doug’s Spring Onions before, but here we go, just in case!! In early 2003 CCN’s Mum and Dad travelled down from Bundaberg to visit and Doug very kindly brought with him a bundle of his special Spring Onions. Of course they took pride of place in our veggie patch and I’m happy to say they have survived in the patch for 16 years now. We have never been short of green onion top for my Grandad’s scrambled eggs. Rainie and DollykGray can vouch for that :)

We have had a VERY quiet day today. CCN was not travelling well enough for us to go to Photo Group and I decided it would be an at home day for both of us. Once again our good buddy Trisharooni came to the rescue and very kindly managed to pick up some items from the Chemist for me but even more importantly, we need another tub of a vanilla ice cream :).

Trish and I were having a chat about the patterns in plants and I guess it was that conversation that inspired me to poke the camera lens out of the kitchen window and take these very nosy spring onions that are going to seed. No chance of Doug’s spring onions disappearing for a hundred years at least I reckon!

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