Walking Wombat

By WalkingWombat

Here we “snow” again!!

Well what do you know, we woke once again to a “Winter Wonderland” this morning.  I heard the rain during the night and that made me VERY happy.   The big bonus was having it followed by a huge dump of snow.  I decided to be very brave and sneak out with my snow jacket on and slippers (would you believe) and take some images looking back at the house.  I love this shot because the banksias are just dripping in snow.  I have added three extras.  One of the emus draped in snow and the sight that greeted me when I opened my peepers at 5.58am this morning.  I jumped out of bed and opened all of the blinds and then woke CCN up so she could watch the snow falling.  The third one is a banksia bush absolutely drenched in snow.  It was absolutely magical.

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