Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


…..well, his back view anyway.  Andy is doing a couple of little jobs for us - replacing the garage window, which was not in a good state, and also the door surround at the back of the garage.  When I saw the words on the back of his sweatshirt, I remarked that I was glad he was good with wood, to which he responded, “But I’m useless with plastic”, which was not what I wanted to hear, given that he was replacing the wooden surround of the window with plastic!  However, he has done a great job and is now, hopefully, being “good with wood”  as he repairs the door surround.

We heard of Andy through Trevor, a friend of ours from Jack’s, who recommended him, and after he put up a new bannister rail for us at a very good price, we decided to go back to him.  “Word of mouth” is definitely the best advertisement for any workman and we are happy to have found such a good worker in Andy, because "a good workman is worth his weight in gold."

Next week the drive is being relaid, so I have decided not to do too much cleaning at the front and side of the house, as it will be a mess again once that work is started.  However, I shall be very grateful when all the work is done and I can take it easy.

“A customer talking about 
     their experience with you 
          is worth ten times that which 
               you write or say about yourself.” 
David J. Greer : Wind In Your Sails 

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