Mono Monday...Sparkle

I found it difficult to produce some sparkle on a cloudy and grey day.....resorted to a cut glass vase and placed it under a bright lamp to try and get the best result possible. ..Thanks to Nickimags888 for hosting :)
An hour of keep fit/dance this morning, Monday's class is much more full on, but I am sure it is good for me!!!
Forgot to say I was turned down for the end terrace next door, but I am not too disappointed as I have a lot to give up in this house. There would be a lot of work needed, particularly to the garden, and some expense to furnish the other one. Would rather spend my money on more holidays, and go away more often. I do know the woman who is going to be the new resident....won't say any more on that for now !!

As always, thanks for all the lovely responses :))

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