Rodents rule

By squirk

Too early

Urgh. We had to get on the bus for the airport at 7.30 and I was determined to have breakfast beforehand. I snapped the view from our hotel room before heading down for much-needed coffee. 

Two people didn't make it on the bus – they were still asleep! Our bus couldn't wait so a taxi was booked for them. There wasn't much chat on the road as we drove through Dubrovnik and along the coast to the airport. I sat on the wrong side again and didn't manage to look down on the city. Ah well.

Fred and I usually aren't at the airport this early before a flight and there was a fair bit of waiting. The airport is fairly compact and on three levels. We walked between various coffee places wishing there was a way to be outside in the fresh air. I understand why that isn't great for security reasons, but I really dislike being shut into the departures area with no way to be outside.

Our flight was uneventful and I even managed to finish my book: Redhill Rococo by Shena Mackay. It's been on my bookshelf for ages and it seemed just the right extent for this trip. There's not much of a plot, but I love the way she describes her characters and the urban landscape. It evokes a particular time of the 80s, too.

Our route back was by bus, which we booked in the passport queue having checked the trains and realising that a broken rail had put pay to that transport option. Grr. We tucked into Cornish pasties, fell into the coach to Southwark, and caught the Thameslink from Blackfriars. 

Finally, home. It took all day. But we have one happy, purry cat.


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