Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Autumn Meadowhawk

These are common dragons in our area, emerging in late summer and flying well into the fall.  The other day I found one in a web and when I was removing spider web from it's legs, it bit me.  Not much of a bite really, but still startled me.  Little ingrate.  Anyhoo... this one is a female and she was resting in decent macro range on a big patch of lantana in my garden.  And since it's TinyTuesday (thanks JDO), I thought she'd be perfect.  She's quite small for an ode, just a bit over an inch long.

We had our first formal "care meeting" at the new nursing home today and I think it went quite well.  They are getting to know MIL and she is working her way into their hearts.  Some things that still need to get sorted out, but it's only been a week.  The most important thing is that she is getting out of her room and doing things with other residents and that is so good for her.

Day two for this week at the gym and I hit the weights pretty hard today with just a light (25 min) session on the treadmill.  

Shockingly, I found a tiny 2nd instar monarch caterpillar on a piece of half-dead milkweed in the garden this afternoon.  I've immediately plucked the wretched leaf it was one and have put it in a container with some fresh tropical milkweed.  Truthfully, the caterpillar seems pretty weak, but it could be that it's getting ready to molt. Or, it may be undernourished.  We'll see.  Either way, it will be touch and go.  

Speaking of monarchs, I released two more males today - bringing the year total so far to 52.  


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