Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

On Patrol

Had a great paddle this afternoon on a nearby lake in one of our state parks.  I was the only one on the lake, other than herons, wood ducks and cormorants ...and dragons.  I paddled around the entire perimeter of the lake which was a fair amount of work and then I rewarded myself by paddling into a big bunch of water lilies to catch some dragon action.  

Today's featured flyer is an Eastern Amberwing, one of our smallest dragonflies at only about an inch.  The males find vegetation or sticks in the water which would be suitable for eggs and then they patrol it, chasing away rival males and wooing females.  This guy found a likely female and proceeded to show her exactly where she could put some eggs.  And while things were looking very promising at first, she ultimately left in a huff.  Leaving poor Red here to continue patrolling.  The End.

We had the first two cords of six delivered today.  It will now all need to be moved and stacked which none of us is looking forward to.  But this winter, we'll be glad for the wood as it will keep us toasty warm.  

Our skies are still very hazy today, a result of the smoke from the west coast traveling 3000 miles.  The smoke us way up high so we aren't getting any smell and it's not affecting our air quality but it is certainly keeping the sun behind a thick veil of smoke.  

BY now most of you have probably seen some of the stories about the thousands of dead migratory birds that are being found in the western flyway.  There is no doubt that the deaths are being caused by the fires, directly or indirectly.  Migratory birds rely on insects and water during their flights, neither of which are available when everything is burning.  Add to that the physical harm caused by inhaling all that is heartbreaking.  Scientists have said that some of the birds that have been collected have almost no body fat at all, which points towards starvation.  We humans are doing a very good job of destroying the natural wold...which will be to the detriment of future generations.  

Stay safe.  Be kind. 


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