Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Class is in session

I met up with my friend this morning for a walk on a trail that neither of us have been on in several years.  The first thing we encountered was a small group of rose-breasted grosbeak which was a nice way to start the 3-mile walk.  Along the way we tallked 20 species of birds and covered a wide range of topics in our conversation.  

As we were on the last stretch of trail we came across this group of painted turtles.  We both looked at each other and said "oh, they are socially distanced in their outdoor classroom!"   Honestly, with the one on the far right facing the others, it looked for all the world like a lecture taking place.  And, as usual, there was one kid at the back of the class farting around and not paying attention.  When nature imitates life.

A fun morning.  And tomorrow I will be hosting my 3 besties for a weekend of dominoes, food, wine and laughter.  We've all been taking precautions and feel that we are safe convening at my house for some much-needed time together.  It will be chilly tomorrow so we'll be indoors, but all feeling very secure about it.  Can't wait to see them, even if there still won't be hugs.  

I had a little stroll through my garden late in the afternoon and caught a very compliant four-toothed mason wasp, who you can see HERE.  He wasn't really moving much due to the cooler temps.

In monarch news ... three of my four biggest cats are on the roof of the enclosure getting ready to pupate while the fourth is still eating.  And the three smaller ones are eating and growing.  Soon...

Rain finally arrived in Portland last night and Mom said that the air quality, while still bad, is better than it's been all week.  At least they can see across the street and that's something.  

Be safe. Be kind.  Be patient.


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