Tiny Tuesday ....

Do you remember this?

Well,  it's now what you see above and in the extra!  So darn cool!!!  And so very different from the Monarch butterfly chrysalis.

As we have never had the swallowtail butterflies before we really had no idea what their chrysalis would look like.  I love them! 

According to Google the chrysalis stage of the black swallowtail is 10-20 days ..... except the ones that over winter.  We hope that the seven chryaslids that we have will all emerge soon ... time is running out for us to see it happen as we have a holiday coming up!  Our neighbor may benefit if they don't emerge before we leave.  I know she would also love to see the emergence. 

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day.  We had sun all day and the temperature was perfect.  I even got a short swim in even though the pool temperature is falling fast!  The cool nights might be perfect for sleeping but they are pool temp killers!

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