Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Wide Wednesday - Footpath

I took Xena up to the woods earlier this morning than I usually do, as I was going to London today to sit and wait at Luke's flat for a delivery! I did consider taking a photo of Vauxhall Bridge as I was walking over it, for today's theme of bridge or footpath, but I did not feel like carrying my heavy camera up to London and so instead I have taken a photo of one of the many footpaths in the woods. The woods/heath is located next to our village station, and so many people walk to the station through the woods and therefore there are many clearly defined paths for people to walk.

I got my timings wrong and so I hurried home from our walk so I could go back to the station in time for the train - then I was reading my Kindle on the train and so missed getting off at Vauxhall and so had to go into Waterloo and get three different tubes to get back to where I wanted to be! I was worried I would miss the delivery time but then I realised I had taken an earlier train than I needed to - the whole day just felt out of sorts! Anyway I managed to get there, sit and wait and was home again by 4pm. I left Xena being looked after by Thomas, so that was fine.

It was another stunning day today, sunny with blue skies, I really am enjoying this Indian summer - September has turned out to be one of the best months of the year so far! 

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