Very full on day in a series of 1-2-1 and small group meetings. Enjoying getting to know J better - he's very good and contributes a fresh eye and useful ideas to each discussion. Ran over for an architect's meeting at the flat at lunchtime....looking good (despite increasing hassle for my neighbours which is hard). We discussed options for the bathroom shelf and re-calculated the tiles needed for the floor and walls, checked on the kitchen/boiler etc (potentially not as neat a solution as I'd hoped) and then agreed next steps. 
After the afternoon meetings I headed over to new finance person for discussion.....looks like we're getting a plan together for all the stuff I need to do. 
On my walks around at the moment I've been listening to Reni Eddo-Lodge's 'Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race'. Talk about thought provoking....
Home and T phoned to say P had fallen off a chair in the garden this afternoon and he'd taken him to hospital. All seemed fine until P then left keys back at the hospital and T had to drive down again to rescue him. All very tricky given T was supposed to be picking up new cars today and had a long list of other commitments but he somehow managed to sort it out. A then phoned...interview seemed to go well but she didn't get the job. Oh dear - all rather hard for them and I feel useless to help up here....
Some catching up in the evening.

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