Early start and had a good chat to FB about everything that's happening at the moment (helpful!) and then planning for the dreaded meeting. Afterwards A popped into the office and she and I went for breakfast and a chat about her hopes of getting the new job interview (later she heard the news that she's got it - tomorrow!) and how she feels about work and plans for the future generally. It was lovely to sit in the sun and chat....although I was dressed wrong and too hot!
She returned to do some work in my office whilst we set off for the meeting. Had to dodge the filming for Fast and Furious 9 - the crew and huge vehicles seem to have taken over the city.  It went more smoothly than I expected....phew.
Back and a catch up with my core team then I walked A down to the station and settled her onto the train before home to do some work and focus on preparing for the rest of the week.  Feel like my equanimity is returning (even if it's only for a while!)

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