Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


I'd been undecided about whether to return to work today, but I had a late morning appointment back at the GP to have a blood sample taken anyway, so I figured it was sensible to give the antibiotics another day to start doing their work. So rest was in order.

As yesterday, I count a gentle walk as rest, so I did slowly make my way down to my favourite meadow to see what was about. There were lots (50+) Speckled Wood, a good number of freshly emerged Comma and a few Red Admiral, Peacock, Small White and Green-veined White and one Southern Hawker dragonfly. I've put a few more images on Twitter.

Today's film entertainment came from Good Morning Karachi and The English Patient, which I probably saw a couple of times on release but not at all in the past twenty years so was worth another watch.

Thanks for all of your messages on yesterday's blip, which confusingly I only posted a few hours ago. Things are starting to pick up.

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