My Favourite Colour

to end the day :)

Another horrible, difficult day :(  Changes are never easy....

Then another hour waiting to get on the motorway again - this time an accident between two cars and a lorry....and the police trying to get through on the sliproad - some people did not move fast enough...and what is it with these (sorry) flippin' idiots who are doing texting or whatever on their phone whilst also driving....seen by me in the fast lane in front of me...shame I can't remember car registration no or I would be reporting them!!

So glad to be home with my Girl and very much looking forward to tomorrow's trip to Portsmouth and meeting up with a few other blippers all being well :)

And that's Thursday!

Now all my holiday photos from last month are uploaded and start here!  For those of you who are interested, it was my usual retreat :)

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