Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

The Fishermen's Bench

Spent a lot of my day at Weston Park, starting early in misty conditions.  This image is on the edge of New Park Pool.  At each fisherman's stand, the light penetrated the belt of trees running alongside the pool, throwing this pool of light onto the trees and bench.

After that it was a day volunteering with the education team, providing assistance to the tutor with a group of 30 Year 6 children from a Leicester School.  They were learning about World War II so the recent introduction of LornaL's journal was of particular interest to the teaching staff.  In the walled garden we took them to see a replica Anderson Air Raid Shelter and I'd never really appreciated how small these were.  Of course, no photographs of the schoolchildren because of child protection rules.  I was really impressed with the level of information imparted over a 3 hour period and the children seemed to really appreciate the day. 

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