Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Watching You, Watching Me

An interesting morning.  I used my new path to the edge of the field to find a few female and young deer grazing in the open.  They definitely sensed I was there, but couldn't confirm it as I was still within the woodland so I watched as they tried to catch my scent in the wind (see extra).  They soon decided discretion was the better option and headed off to the far side of the field.

I then walked back along the woodland tracks, coming across small groups of deer at various moments, but with no opportunity for a photograph.

It was then I bumped into a fellow photographer and we had a lovely chat about the difficulties in tracking and photographing these wild deer.  He showed me some stunning photographs from last year of one of the stags, which I'd have died happy to have taken myself.  We parted and I headed back to the car, but got lost in the thick brush and bramble.  It was fortuitous because as I retraced my steps I saw a stag at the top of a small incline.  I followed him up the hill and just managed this shot of him checking me out before he high-tailed it into the distance with his entourage of ladies.

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