Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Longmoor Pool, Sutton Park

I've lived near Sutton Park for almost 60 years, but in all of that time I cannot remember walking passed Longmoor Pool.  We made a point of heading west from the Jamboree Stone on this occasion, along a well surfaced track before turning south to reach the Monmouth Drive Gate.  It was just a short walk from there to the pool.

It was a glorious day, an ideal opportunity for a walk, with a brief stopover at Blackroot Bistro for lunch.   Then on our way home we popped in to our young cousin's home to wish them a very happy first anniversary.  

Oh, and we also noticed a lot more leaf fall along the roads, the first indications of autumn, reinforced by a silver birch in all of its golden foliage, amongst other still green trees.

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