Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

The Patio Chippies

I suspected that we had a new family member in the chipmunk burrow in our garden next to the house.  And sure enough, last week I saw Mom and one youngster out and about.  Chipmunks usually have more than one baby so I expect that the others may have been taken by predators.  Or maybe she just had one.  Who knows.  Anyway, this isn't a great photo because that darned framework of our big patio umbrella is right there in front of them.  Truthfully, all the chipmunks use that framework as a "panic room" if hawks, cats, or fox come to call.  And I was far too lazy to try to painstakingly remove it from the photo.  Still, it makes a cute shot and seemed a perfect way to mark the day.

This time of year the chipmunks around the yard are busy defending territory, which means sitting on something elevated and chipping as loudly as possible.  Their whole bodies jerk with each chip, which is an indication of how much effort they are putting into it.  Since I only have hearing in one ear, I can never tell what direction the chips are coming from, but I can tell there are multiple songs being sung.  Or smack being talked.  Or whatever.

Day 4 at the gym.  I did a little over 3 miles on the treadmill but didn't push it very hard.  My heart rate mostly stayed under 120 which is below the target, but there is still cardiac benefit.  And I felt like taking it easy today.  

The little rescue caterpillar has doubled in size.  He's been sitting quietly on a leaf all day which hopefully means he is about to molt.  I'm already working on plans to possibly get him released further south on the migration route.  That is, of course, assuming he survives.  

Hubs is still on the job hunt.  It is a soul-sucking experience as anyone who has ever done it knows all too well.  Oh, how I wish I had a magic wand.

Happy Thursday, people.


On depression... I haven't commented on this lately but felt like I would like to say a few words today.  This is really for people who have someone in their life fighting depression.  Being an active listener, but not trying to fix things, is a wonderful gift for people who are depressed.  Depression, by it's very nature is lonely and isolating.  It is easy for us to feel judged or pressured - usually by people who are very well-meaning but just choose the wrong ways to show it.  Ask us how we are feeling.  Ask if there is anything you can do.  And mostly, just be there - don't abandon us.

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