Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Whenever I feel that my photography mojo has fled, I remind myself to see what challenges are out there. And since there aren’t many things more outside of my norm than old cars, I figured I’d go for the Derelict Sunday challenge.

This is an old Packard that is sitting at the restoration shop where Hubs is having his Camaro restored. It’s obviously been there awhile based on the weeds growing up around it. Not sure what the story is but clearly this old beast isn’t being restored, nor is it drivable. Seems to meet the criteria for “derelict” pretty well. And I took it with my iPhone which is also a derelict 6SE. I did some creative edits in Snapseed just for fun.

See Extra doe another derelict shot - a close up of an old Chevy pick up truck. Have to say, it was fun looking at something different.

Went to see MIL and found her sitting near the nurse’s station with some of “The Mob”. It was just about time for Bingo so I wheeled her I to the activity center and got her situated with two of her Mob buddies and some apple juice. Once Bingo started, she got down to business so I left her. The Mob, if I haven’t mentioned it, are a group of first generation Italian American ladies who have taken MIL under their wings, so to speak. And although she doesn’t remember them from day to day, she seems to like hanging out with them. When I wheeled her into Bingo, one of the ladies was waving her arms and yelling “Virginia, over here, over here!” For some reason that small thing made me get a big lump in my throat - it just really touched me.

Two hummers stopped by today, refueling as they head south. Each time I see one is a gift this time of year.

Three male Monarchs released today, two for husbands of Blippers and one for my BIL. The migration is at its peak now.

Thanks for the love on yesterday’s chipmunks - they’d be chuffed if they knew.


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