Autumn comes

The day started beautifully light and bright; it was quite pleasantly warm.  E and I went for a little food shopping - she wanted to make some smoothies.  The items used were 'interesting' and two of the three she made were delicious; one not so and it went down the sink but she had fun which was the main object and also now knows what not to use together!  
I dropped her off later on to go to the fun fair with a group of her friends.  Having now collected her I have been regaled with all the rides they went on - I feel quite sick just listening to the idea of being upside down and spinning around etc..... but they seem to love it!  Thankfully it stayed dry for both the carnival and the fair so all in all a good day.  
Not seen the lads since early morning so no doubt they will be back soon hungry after their exploits!
I found these conkers in the garden - sure sign of autumn!

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