By Teasel

View From The Platform

TT had an early start, so I was left to deal with BB.  He wasn’t too bad, which made a nice change. I had another busy day at work.  I fear that every work day until Christmas is going to be very busy.  It was another day when I didn’t get the chance to leave my desk.  We did have a good meeting with colleagues which ran into the lunchtime slot, but is was very helpful to catch up.  When It was time to leave, I had to run to the station, only to find out that my train was coming into another platform at the other side of the station – so I had to keep running.  When I eventually got there, I had time to draw breath, before they announced that it would only be two carriages, and guess what it came in on a different platform, so we all had to rush to yet another platform.  By some complete stroke of luck I got a seat.

I wasn’t long home when a friend, who were expecting, appeared.  Amongst other things, he had been walking over by Aberlady Bay and had watched the geese arrive.  We had a good catch up, attempting to put the world too right – which is of course very tricky these days,  and later we all had a takeaway curry.

No blips today, except this view from a random platform at the station tonight.


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