There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

End of Summer at Canoe Creek

Summer grows long in the tooth, and most of the swimming areas at the state parks in central Pennsylvania are closed now. But it is still plenty warm out, and my husband and I are not done with swimming yet. There are just two beaches we know of that are still open, and they will be through September 29: Canoe Creek and Parker Dam.

So, freshly home from our latest backpack trip, we packed up the car and headed for Canoe Creek. The beach area was indeed still open, and there were very few people there. A handful of families were having picnics. A few older folks strolled along the sand; dipped their toes in the water; turned their faces toward the sun.

The park seemed somehow more genteel than most. It reminded me of the resort where Baby and Johnny fell in love, and learned to dance together in the latter days of summer. (And soon there will be charades in the west lobby; or then again, maybe even those are done for the season.)

The red Adirondack chairs against a stone wall, with trees and the lake in the background, looked like a pretty shot to me. And I intentionally captured one of the older couples in the center of the frame. On the far end of the lake, you can see autumn foliage colors starting on the trees. Summer will be ending soon, and we wave a wistful good-bye to Canoe Creek.

My soundtrack song is this beauty, and here are Elton John and George Michael to sing it for us: Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, from 1985's Live Aid. (I heard Elton John dedicated it to Ric Ocasek and Eddie Money when he played it this past week; and it's a fitting tribute, I think.)

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