There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Onward, Trusty Steed!

It was expected to be a hot afternoon, and so my husband and I headed for a swimming hole up in the woods where it's cooler. He packed the swim gear and I grabbed my stuff, and off we went.

When we got there, I opened the bag of swim gear, to find that our swim fins (or flippers) had made it. But instead of my floatie, my husband had packed a SHOWER CURTAIN with orange fish on it. (In his defense, he said that it was rather dark at the back of the garage where such items are kept.)

A second bummer was that his iPod nano was completely discharged, and so we would have no music for the afternoon. Rats! We really love our tunes, and to do without is a sacrifice for both of us.

So, never one to let a fine sunny afternoon go to waste, I told (or perhaps, threatened) my husband that I would wrap myself in the shower curtain and go float on the waters and SING to him!

And then I did indeed wrap myself in the shower curtain and posed for some silly photos, one of which you may see in the extras. Alas, the shower curtain had no value as a flotation device, but I am standing here today to tell you that No, at least, I did not drown in it.

We had a fine and lovely swim in the cool, clear water, which was just exactly what we needed on such a warm afternoon. And then we took off our swim fins and changed clothes, and put our towels and bathing suits in the sun to dry.

At the end of the afternoon, I went to grab our towels, only to discover that they had acquired some guest lodgers: a pair of grasshoppers who looked like they were playing "ride the pony." Onward, trusty steed! I guess there was just enough time for one last summer fling.

I've got two pictures, so here are two songs. The first is for the creatures in the photo above: the Starland Vocal Band, with Afternoon Delight. The second soundtrack song is for the girl in the extras, who is modeling this year's finest in central PA swimming fashions: a shower curtain covered in bright orange fish! Here is Rod Stewart, with You Wear It Well.

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