Border Tails

By Swannie

Angus and the oldies!

I took this weekend off as annual leave because we had a family lunch in the Green Tree in Peebles today. We try hard not to be a family that only sees each other at weddings and funerals and we get together for a Sunday lunch about four times a year.

My father, 79 (on the left with his youngest grandson, Angus), was one of eleven. Alas, there are now only four of them left. Uncle Bill, seated next to Dad is 92, Aunty Jenny is 87 and the baby of the family is Uncle Davie (far right) aged 72.

It was a lovely day. I have included a couple of extras of my first cousins, twice removed, Katie and Ellie, just because I liked the sibling interaction.

Our next lunch will be the first of December, so I will try to remember to take that weekend off.

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