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By Sallymair

Humming moth!

I've been watching these for days, at first I thought they were a type of large bee, about an inch long, from the way they flitted around these geraniums. Today though one stopped for long enough for me to grab some pictures, and it is clearly a moth. It has very small wings in relation to its body size and doesn't have the wings I would have expected on a moth either. It reminded me, more than anything of a humming bird the way it dipped its long proboscis so delicately into the flowers without settling at all. I've no idea what type it is, but I've spent much time watching it over the post week or so.
Our last day today and it was sunny so we lazed and relaxed and joined in the games run by the team at the hotel. A very pleasant very low key day before a day of travelling ahead of us.
16148 steps today.

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