Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

A 16-Pointer

Despite the weather forecast for this week being rather 'changeable', first thing this morning was rather good, but lacking any clouds to give interest to the sky.

I decided to do a bit more deer stalking so, complete with camouflage jacket and hat, I headed out to the area where I'd come across the deer in recent weeks.  I patiently worked myself around to the field, not coming across any deer as I walked through the woodland.  Unfortunately, the field was also empty of any wildlife, save for a few pigeons.  Patience is an important part of good wildlife photography, so I leant myself up a tree and waited......and waited,,,,,and......!

Half an hour went by and other than for a brief glimpse of a hind and calf way in the distance, nothing appeared.  I started to wend my way back, when two hinds came out into the field, followed by a yearling calf, then a 10 point stag.  I was completely in the open so expected them to spot me straight away.  Luckily the sun was in their eyes and I was downwind of the group so my presence went unnoticed for a while.  It was only when I tried to get nearer that the heads came up and looked straight at me.

The stag was the same one I'd seen on the 18th, and is the younger of the two I've come across so far.  They soon moved off into the belt of trees so I resumed my walk back to the car.

It was as I passed a small clearing while walking back  that I noticed more movement to my right.  This time it was this fine 16 pointer, with a couple of hinds and a larger calf.  He was the stag I photographed on 8th. He allowed me to get into a better position to capture this image before jumping a fence and heading off.

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