By strawhouse


We had a terrible night with Archie. He couldn't settle, didn't want to lie down, kept standing up but wasn't able to stand up, trembling and panting, leaning on us and nudging us to help him. 
It was heartbreaking as we didn't know what was wrong to help him. Like having a poorly baby.
He was clearly exhausted.
As was Mr K after a night on the floor with Archie!
We rang the vet at 8am and he said to take Archie round.
Again I wondered if he'd be coming home. Healthy three year old dogs don't just lose the use of their legs - he must have a tumour pressing on his spine and would have to be put down. I'm ever the optimist when it comes to mysterious illnesses!
Mr K was back - with Archie - surprisingly quickly. The vet thinks he's injured one of his back legs or his hips and will be alright with painkillers and a few days rest.
So no tumour then!
We've spent the day with him on the sofa and though he's been immobile he has at least seemed a bit more relaxed than he's been after a painkilling injection.

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