Even the Ducks are Complaining!

This is the duck pond outside the hotel where we're staying. The Ferme des Mares was formerly a fortified Norman farm protected by salt marsh. We'd chosen to stay for a night near Cherbourg on our first day as we knew we wouldn't get to France until the afternoon.

We had some breakfast on board and then went to our cabin. We wouldn't usually have a cabin on a day crossing but  with all the indications of a rough passage due to the remains of Hurricane Humberto coming through, we thought it might be a good idea. We were up early to board and hadn't had a great night. In our cabin, I read for a while and had a bit of a sleep then decided to go to the saloon for a coffee. By the time I got there with the boat pitching quite steeply, I decided that maybe I didn't want anything and headed back to the cabin feeling a bit queasy despite the dose of stugeron before we boarded. Getting back in a reclining position helped and I soon settled down. I'm not as good a sailor as I used to be as I found to my cost doing the Cook Strait crossing in NZ a few years ago.

It's rained on and off since we got off the ferry and we pootled down the peninsula to St Germaine sur Ay and booked into our hotel. We needed a bit of a walk after two days without much exercise so went out into the drizzle for a walk. We didn't do much more than a turn round the duckpond in the end as we seemed to be getting a bit of a soaking!

It's Wideangle Wednesday (hosted by Freyjad this week). The theme is 'a piece of history'. This duckpond and the 19th century farmhouse seem to fit the bill - qua-ack!

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